The year has flown

My goodness, this year has screamed past.  I can't believe that only a couple of weeks left of school (for my eldest) and then the Christmas holidays kick off and then just around the corner, Christmas - 4 weeks away, OM!  Still everything to organise...  Best start to kick it up a gear.

So, the website officially launched a couple of weeks ago, and it has been a whirlwind, a very exciting!  

This week we had our exclusive Junior Poncho's begin to arrive...  and we're going through some 'behind the scene's' durability testing, because we want to ensure that all of or products are of the best quality and we know how reckless and adventurous kids can be, so the Poncho needs to stand up to all sorts of wear and tear!  

Our first on-the-ground event was held, with a stall at our local school fete at Broadbeach, it was a great day! Followed by the School Christmas Carols (a long day)...  Our 7 year old was a very proud Rudolph, so there was no pulling out of the Carols ~ plus it was super cute to see him racing across the stage with his flashing nose.

Last but certainly not least!  We now have our gorgeous Turkish towels, XXL Beach Throws being stocked at the very groovy, One Hundred Worlds Boutique in Burleigh Heads (Big B Arcarde, James Street).  If you're a GC local, drop on in...  definitely some fabulous things to tempt, including our super versatile Pippah Turkish towels ... 


Take care and get shopping!  Christmas is literally just around the corner!  Yeah...  who doesn't love the Festive Season?