The Kids Beach Club Towel Hooded Poncho is here

We've taken the Beach Club Poncho towel out for a spin and we can say that they're a hit...  We think they look absolutely gorgeous as well as drying down your fav little one, they keep them out of the harsh Australian sun, away from prying eyes, they're lightweight, fast drying, anti-bacterial and super comfortable.

A true practical luxury.  

Six colours to choose from each with a grey panel at bottom

Here's the Beach Club Poncho in Navy and Aqua in action! They are being worn by an almost 2 year old, and almost 4 year old and a just 7 year old:


These are an addition to your kids wardrobe that can be used for more than just the beach occasion.  They're perfect for the pool, after bath and to be honest, once they've got them on... they are so comfortable that your little person just won't want to take it off!