Hello 2015

HELLO 2015! So far we've had lots of beach going...  lots and lots!  Thank goodness for the Turkish towel!  It's been a :

  • Space saver - 5 of them fit comfortably in a beach bag, with swimmers, snacks, nappies, wipes etc...
  • Time-saver - drying super quick means you don't have to wait about OR, wash them all the time as they don't get the mildewy smell of a lot of the heavier towels in this humid weather
  • Modesty saver - I won't elaborate!  
Really, being a young, active, beach going, outdoorsy family, the Turkish towel is here to stay in our house!  As you would expect :)  It's brightened up our space and I'm so pleased to be able to provide access to what are one of the best quality versions I've seen, touched or used here in Australia.
On another note, my best friend from my London days is visiting Australia.  She's Turkish and the person whom first introduced me to the Turkish towel over 10 years ago, whilst sailing in Bordrum, Southern Turkey.  I popped to Sydney (which is where she's staying) and it was fantastic to catch up... Lots of reminiscing and the making of fun new memories.  She has been a massive help, knowing that she is based in Istanbul, not too far away from Denizil (where the Pippah towels are created) and has been a great friend... Xx THANK-YOU ELIF, xX  
Time to sign off this post, Night, X