First Sale Kicks off

This gives everyone an opportunity to purchase an exquisite Turkish towel for a great price and maybe even get one for their friends too!
The Poseidon (in red above) makes an amazingly cosy scarf for the cooler months and will be ready and rearing to go for the next Summer.  These little babies have been hand-made with love - to be loved!
It's been a busy month, back in school and lots of activities going on...  Every day just seems to fly on by, I can't believe that we're already almost in March, far out.
Although it's been dull and rainy for the last few days...  We had seen lots of sunshine before...  Which meant that we've been enjoying the outdoors (much easier and funner to be outside enjoying life with 3 little guys and 1 big guy).
Most weekends see us swimming in the Ocean till the suns setting ~ I hope that my kids have memories of these amazing times...  
Evening picnics - yep, although I'm in a family of boys, I got an injection of PINK into our little gourmet adventures - the St Tropez XXL throw looks awesome on some green grass and just as stunning on the sand ~ I'm pleased that I went with this massive loud colour choice!  AND, the great thing is it's sand (and bark) resistant, just shake off those irritating bits and bobs and ta-dah!  Plus, just whack it is the wash if there's any spills and just like it's towel cousin it dries super quick...  Not sure my husband would appreciate it at the end of the bed through Winter though (I'll let you know)!
St Tropez XXL Throw Blanket in Marshmallow
Now the rest of my Sunday afternoon will be filled with a Kids movie at our make-shift cinema... Ciao! X