Another fabulous season... some more fabulous styles

Autumn, already...  can you believe it and are waiting with baited breath for our new Autumn/Winter range.  The gorgeous selection of Turkish towels, beautiful blankets and/or oversized towels, scarves are being finished off in the looms in Turkey and just about to be boxed up and sent our way...

Not biased or anything, but the range is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  But, we love hearing feedback, so please feel free to send an email to us at with anything you think might be relevant to make sure all our products and our site is hitting the mark with you guys!  Truly we'd love to hear from you.

Take a peek at the process involved in bringing these masterpieces to you! As that is what they are, masterpieces, each one is unique.

This image is of our new Horizon Turkish towel in a lovely shade of blue ~ we think this will be perfect as a scarf or lounge throw through the cooler Seasons and a striking towel in the warmer Seasons.

Made with Love, to be Loved

I hope that you enjoy your Turkish towel or Turkish towel diffusion product as much as we are enjoying ours.  The wonderfulness of a Turkish towel and particularly the selection we bring you, is that they really are versatile...  They respond so beautifully by being used and loved...  getting softer and more comfortable the more they are used and loved.  

Remember, we'd love to hear any feedback, thoughts that you may have that will make our creations more relevant to you.  Or even any interesting ways you use your Turkish towel.

Thanks for reading. X Pippah x