It's here!

Yeeeaaahhhh!  Another drop has arrived which means some more awesome styles geared for our Australian Autumn and Winter....  that'll work just as seamlessly in the warmer months too.

Little hic-ups on route....  Customs hold-up...  but, hey-ho...  lets go now!  It's here and we're rolling it out.  

Been hitting the shops that distribute our towels and throws  (thank-you)!  to re-stock and also madly taking new pictures for our site and all the social spaces....    We want our website to be easy to navigate, interesting and have images that you just 'get.' So, please if you ever feel like sharing any feedback, we love to hear your thoughts, we just want the space to be a good spot to visit (if if you don't end up buying)...  Who doesn't love screen shopping (does this term exist??  Like window shopping but on-line???  I'll investigate and update)!

Anyways, here's a couple of shots of the crazy week that was ...


A bunch of XXL Blankets heading up to the Far North of QLD to a brand new hotel opening its doors... imminently ~ The New Rambutan in Townsville.  It's a new concept up-market Backpackers!  If you stay there, you'll be lucky enough to be using some handwoven Lightweight Blankets in our St Tropez style!

And...  the rest...

The quirk of a pineapple prop?  

Road tripping around some pretty beautiful places (and sneaking in some deliciously refreshing swims in these beautiful spots)!

Totally loving the products, I'm really excited to be bringing out another gorgeous range!

Till next update, goodnight ~ sleep tight X