WHAM - Winter is here!

WOW, here on the GC, we've had day after day of amazingness ~ swimming in the Ocean weather and then WHAM... Winter arrived ...  Boots, jackets and wraps have now been donned....  Snuggling under blankets of a morning!  But, on those deliciously crispy, sunny days hitting the water....

You know what, Winter's awesome, the novelty of the chill is fabulous (and you get to pop on your fave boots that are oh so comfy - and not worry about whether your toe nails are painted and your legs hair-free)!  And, there's that crystal clear water - and crisp days.  The cold's not stopped the surfing, SUP'ing and lots of beach tripping!  


AND, at the end of some days it means... delicious slow cooked dinners (on weekends anyway) - lamb shanks, roast pork with the never enough crackle, beef bourguignon...  a great red wine!  


Later on, And keeping warm, snuggling in and enjoying the chill (as really, it's not hanging around for long)....  Night, night           Xx