Spring out... Summers here, pretty much anyway!

Far out, the weather has been amazing...   Really it makes it very very difficult to do much work!   

With the year is coming to an end, and Christmas under 6 weeks away - crazy.  I've still got 3 little boys total Christmas shopping to commence. Actually, we've decided to cull this back a lot this year - we have too much stuff...  so, after many weekends of de-cluttering, we are going to really work on doing the single present this year!  Lets see if we can pull this off.  It really is hard going downsizing the wardrobe...  I did a major one years ago when we moved back to Australia from the UK (we spent 5 years there) and there are so many things I gave away and I think back on - like that cute little Kate Spade red spotted hand-bag (but, I've survived without it and the other hundreds of things we got rid of)!  Oh first world problems...  too much stuff, ridiculous.

On another note, we've been super busy with 2 more drops of gorgeous, hand-loomed Turkish towels and blankets.  Plus, we're now stocking ethically created hand-crafted Mandala Roundies from India! Stunning...  and have some gorgeous new stockists in the mix plus, we've got an International stockist is Hawaii - beautiful Interior Design House with multiple shops throughout Hawaii call Pacific Homes - so if you're in the land of the Big Wave, you must drop in and look at the gorgeous items in-store!

I'm unpacking a new shipment of our Turkish towels tomorrow...  And, am soooo excited as we've got Turkish Round towels in our collection now.  They are absolutely stunning.

Been nipping to Byron a bit and soaking up the magic of the North Coast...  love it there - but, also love it here on the Gold Coast too...  We sure do live in an incredible country, very very lucky peeps!

So here's a few shots of what's been happening over the last couple of months!

A bit of a BLUE theme going on at the mo...

Atlantis Turkish towel sitting casually in a perfectly suitable environment - on a boat!          Biarritz Beach Blanket is our party sized towel - makes an amazing bed throw too - and looks awesome in this stunning pool pod at the Hilton Surfers Paradise!

Ahoy There Turkish Towel in Navy Navy - we love ours in the Bathroom - gives a real Nautical vibe!             FUSION Nautilus - Red White and Navy a classic that is a great introduction to the Turkish towel phenomena!  -

School holidays kick off in less than a month....  So, we'll be doing alot more afternoon beach swims, so be prepared to see lots of twilight swim and surf sessions shared!  

Have a great day and / or night ~ sweet daydreams or dreams ~ Xx