Curated beach style for more than the beach

Curated beach style for more than the beach

Why I started this adventure?  Simply because I wished to share products that have made there way into our lives, and have made our day to day life easier.  Every item we have here, we love, we use and therefore, we feel proud of!

Yes, a simple towel has made our life easier.  Why, we're a beach and outdoor family - we really go to the beach and/or spend time out of doors a LOT?  And, the towels we have here are hand-loomed, flat woven styles, authentically Turkish (made using Turkish cotton)  - and, when you've got to take 5 towels to the beach plus an array of other beach paraphernalia; surfboards, sand toys, magazine (for sanity), food, water - it's best that you don't also have to take 3 bags to carry them in..  so, the flat woven Turkish towel is the bees knees!  And, this is why they are so great - they are large yet compact, super absorbent and dry in a snap! And, they serve more than just the purpose of being a towel - they can perform many duties .  We've also designed our Turkish poncho's too - so your little ones can wear them on the way home - and they dry in a flash so keep them out of the sun and comfortable.


Which then brings me to our awesome newly arrived (but totally old-school design) the, SUNNY cotton net string bag - these little babies are small, but hold so much - to give you an idea; 5 of our flat woven Turkish towels or poncho's can fit, plus a bottle of water and some goggles and ... you get the idea.   Also, when your beach visit is over, you can shake off the sand as you're walking back!  How fantastic is that!

Oh...  and they are not just for the beach, pop them in your bag (as they roll into nothing) as an extra bag for shopping, camping, travel - making them an eco-friendly choice!  Win, win... win!


And, we've got some more practical (stylish) items on the site and just about to hit the e-store soon...  So, keep your eye's peeled.

In short, Pippah began to bring together items that are always there in the background, not really thought about but, make a great big difference in the ease and convenience of beach (or everyday) life.  They are practical luxuries that can make the everyday experiences just a little bit easier (and therefore, more enjoyable)!

Just one more thing - they are timeless, stylish, versatile and ethically crafted.

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