Holiday dreaming

Holiday dreaming

Are you an adventure seeker or a hedonist on holiday?

Me...  I want a little of both.

But, reality bites and to be absolutely honest these days my number one goal is to have the kids happy and occupied and not fighting and then, well it's fabulous - because no whinging and I can focus on the priorities - being happy! Eating, drinking and just having fun with my loved ones.

Right now though, I am hoping to book a mini break, with NO KIDS! Is that awful? No, I don't think so. I think that we all need a little time to be ourselves, re-connect and recalibrate. 

One of my favourite destinations is,  Bali (simply stunning)! Why, because I freakin' love it there. It's not that far away (from Australia), so if I have to get home in an emergency I am there in around 9 hours...  door to door. The restaurants are awesome, the cocktails (well I'm not sure that there's all that much alcohol really in there) still yum anyway (especially the Mohito's with the shaved sugared coconut on top and Mamasan), the people are gorgeous, there's enough to do and not do!

I feel inspired and in awe of the creativity bursting out of the Island of the Gods! Also a little freaked out by the lack of safety on building sites. Somehow, though, those buildings get up... and stay up (saying that I'm not a fan of swimming in the infinity pool 10 stories up)!

But, who knows - I may end up not holidaying there and mixing it up a little this year...  My instagram will keep you informed!

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