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Spring - pops of colour (it's really your choice)!

Anyone else hit this Spring and just get an urge to 'cleanse,' refresh and reinvigorate - I don't mean throw out everything...  but, evaluate and and make sure it has a purpose.  I mean this from every level. Well...  I do.  It's Spring Frenzy and there's a weight lifted and a lightness that felt and it feels great.  So, I'm in this mode at present and everything is being looked at with discerning eye's to see if it has the right to stay (if not, then as they say one mans trash is another's treasure - so, out it goes). The one thing I can count on, and it's a complete personal preference, but Navy, White, Black and Beige (with a new...

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I love holidays

Just back from an awesome family holiday!   Our Turkish towels, poncho's came into there own!  Super travellers, so lightweight, fast-drying and versatile. Our trip South... was a lot colder there than up here on the Gold Coast!  So, by day the towel was a perfect towel or ground blanket....  By evening, when it was chilling down, a stunning wrap and then extra blanket on the lounge.                                                          Holidays are just awesome!  Now we need to plan for the next one! Hope you all enjoyed Easter and are sorted for the cooler months...  Remember a Turkish towel/throw is...

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