SUNNY Cotton String Bag - Snow

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SUNNY bag is for all occasions, it's designed to be lightweight, and packable, but it's big on space.

At the beach it's awesome, just give it a shake and the sand just shakes off.  For the market shopping, you can fit so much in here, because of the string design, it stretches out to fit more than you would expect!  To give you an idea, it's comfortable holding 4 x flat woven Turkish towels, water bottle, mobile phone, magazine and small purse.

It's a must have on travels - this is when the SUNNY comes into its own.

SIZE - 32 x 38 cm (main bag) - unstretched

HANDLE - 30 cm

COLOUR - Snow (white)


STYLE - bucket

For further peace of mind, it's eco-friendly, all-natural, so no more wasted plastic shopping bags - it'll last and last....

Did you know that you get this bag FREE if you spend $80 or more!