Manly cotton & bamboo Peshtemal with light terry back, 550 gr

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Two Worlds in one

A lightweight Turkish cotton terry one side with a traditional Turkish flat-woven peshtemal on the top side. A sand repellent towel that wicks water and dry quick.

Great for the gym or for those not quite ready to make a full leap to a traditional flat woven Turkish towel.

Fusion is a little thicker than our traditional flat woven Peshtemal, but, it's still compact compared to those bulky old fashioned all terry beach towels! AND... this type repels the sand, so no more wet sand stuck to your towel!

  • Made in Turkiye 
  • 80% cotton and 20% bamboo
  • Traditional flat weave peshtemal with a light terry backing
  • 80 x 170 cm
  • 550 grams


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