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... to an exquisite collection of luxurious, hand loomed Turkish towels, throw's, blankets, robes and kids hooded poncho's.  It is extremely important to us that every item we supply is an ethically produced piece.  

Our entire collection has been carefully chosen for people whom desire luxury in their everyday, people care that the things that they buy are stylish, of the highest quality and just as importantly created in an ethical environment.  We supply artisan hand-crafted products, where we know the people who create them, the artists, are treated with respect and fairness and use only the best ingredients available.  If this is important to you, we welcome you to enjoy our range.

Why choose a luxury hand-loomed Turkish towel / throw or poncho ?  Here's a few of their pluses:  

  • Our flat woven luxury Turkish towels are extra large in size but, compact and lightweight (fold/roll to at least 25% of a normal terry towel),
  • Super absorbent - only premium Turkish cotton fibres are used. Turkish cotton has a unique characteristic - it is longer and thinner than a normal thread of cotton and therefore, more cotton can be used per square inch, making the material more absorbent.
  • Breathable, allows them to dry super fast
  • Most are flat-woven (giving them a resistance to sand sticking) - this unique hand-looming process has been honed over centuries in Turkiye.   Some say it was the Turkish that created the towel! and I believe them.  It's a wonderful creation that makes the towel last and last, and if there is ever a pull in the cotton, all you need do, is snip the offending piece off - it won't compromise the overall structure - see Caring for Your Turkish towel in FAQ tab for more detailed advice.
  • All natural fibres making them hyper-allergenic, eco-friendly  they need less washing than a normal terry towel because they dry faster, not as many of the nasties breed - this becomes apparent in humid environments where normal terry towels get that mildewy aroma...  Well, a Turkish towel doesn't - which makes them an ideal choice for the bathroom too over the Summer (and more humid) months
  • And one of there most incredible features, is their versatility.  Turkish towels are not just a towel, because of there incredible absorbency, they are perfect as a towel for the beach, pool or bath, but just as great to be used as a beach wrap/cover-up/ sarong or skirt, in the home as living room, lounge or bed throw, blanket, baby wrap, nursing cover, table cloth.... The list goes on.... Plus, they look fantastic and age beautifully, getting softer the more they are washed.  

Go on check out our luxury handloomed Turkish towels, blankets, poncho's blankets, mandala tapestries and more.... because where-ever you are, we'll make sure we get to you as fast as possible and you'll be thrilled with your purchase.

Wholesale enquiries welcome - email - hello@pippah.com - and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.