How do I choose a towel?

There is so much choice, how do you pick the right towel? Here's our practical tips to help you choose the perfect luxurious beach or bath towel.


The flat weave makes sure the sand stays at the beach and all our towels are made from natural fibres so they are soft soft soft - no plastic feel on any of these!

  • Those with a bamboo blend are a bit softer
  • Check out the weight, the heavier the peshtemal the softer it will be
  • Pick a design that you like 
  • Pick your favourite colour
  • Choose 2 if you can't decide :)


At Pippah we have bath towels in 3 weights and living in Queensland we love all 3 at different times of the year. All our bath towels are extra long and considered bath sheets.

  • The lightest weight towel, Esperance, is great for summer, especially if you like to wrap yourself in a towel for a little while after your shower.
  • The mid weight Yamba is our Spring and Autumn go to. The waffle also feels like a mini exfoliation if you use a bit of pressure.
  • The super plush Cable, Rainbow and Burleigh towels are divine! We use them in winter but other states could indulge all year round.

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Wrap yourself up in one, we promise you won't look back.

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