Why Turkish cotton is the best?

Turkish cotton is considered to be the best and most luxurious cotton in the world by many.  It is the cotton chosen by Kings and Queens, now and over the centuries... Why?

The unique properties that make it legendary, are:

  • Longer fibre
  • Thinner, yet stronger fibre

When it is hand-loomed a woven in the traditional flat woven style favoured by the Turkish, it is able to have more cotton per square inch, and therefore, is:

  • Ultra absorbent, but not absorbing so much that it becomes saturated (like other cottons), so Turkish cotton
  • Quick drying
  • Breathable
  • Much more compact (around 25% of a traditional terry plush towel)


  • It gets softer the more it is used and washed
  • It allows versatility

This is why the hand-loomed Pippah Turkish products are ultimate luxury