KASHID Mandala round tapestry with hand knotted macrame tassels

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Tropical boho goddesses, here is the KASHID Mandala round tapestry!

Inspired by it's namesake, a stunning beach on the Arabian Sea, in Northern India, it is truly exquisite, it uses a harmony of tropical colours to bring the design to life.

A spectacular beach throw, picnic rug, bed or lounge throw or even a striking wall hanging or table cloth.

Size - approximately 170/180 cm 

Key Colours - Pops of Maroon, Turquoise Blue, Orange, dirty Green on a white base with hand knitted macrame tassels

Every piece is ethically hand made in India, using vegan/cruelty free vegetable ink on 100% cotton. Please note: They have been created using traditional hand screen block printed tapestry, so imperfections can be expected in paints and colours. These small imperfections make these hand-crafted mandala's unique.

Care Instructions: gently hand wash in cold (first time even throw some ice in) water. The inks used are vegetable dye and can not withstand harsh chemicals or bleach.
Do not bleach. Do not dry clean. Do not machine wash.