WATEGOS in Shell Pink - A Turkish towel that is so much more than just a towel - a scarf, blanket, tablecloth, wrap, baby blanket
WATEGOS Turkish towels come in 8 beautiful colours - hand-loomed to retain the beauty of the fibre, not stressing them, so the softness is amplified - absorbent and fast drying, yet so soft, that they also make a beautiful scarf
WATEGOS 8 stylish colours of hand-loomed brilliance - towel, scarf, blanket - these Turkish peshtemal are more than a towel
WATEGOS Shell Pink makes a beautiful scarf when the temperature drops - an great travel companion for all of the changing temperatures - plane, beach, home and beyond
WATEGOS in a beautiful black - works for both guys or girls - handloomed magic for anyone - Turkish towel plus...
WATEGOS Black with the cross weave of white, makes the shade into a gorgeous washed black - stunning
WATEGOS Navy Navy is a classic unisex Turkish towel peshtemal - use it on the beach, around the home, on-the-go or on you as a scarf wrap
WATEGOS -  close up of the handloomed weave pattern this pattern features throughout all colours and can only be created through the hand-looming process
WATEGOS Mango Turkish towel is a stunning shade - look magical on the beach or if you want to brighten up an outfit, wrap it around you
WATEGOS in Mango (orange) handloomed Turkish scarf - but, more than a scarf...  Use it as a blanket or towel or just in case throw - so soft and silky
WATEGOS in Soft Yellow hand-loomed Turkish towel is way way more than just a towel - use it as a scarf, wrap, baby blanket, head scarf and more
WATEGOS hand-loomed Turkish peshtemal towel - a versatile, all-seasons piece that can be used as a towel, scarf, blanket, table-cloth, sarong and so many more uses
WATEGOS Mint - a beautiful shade that looks magical on the sand, in the bathroom or wrapped around you - a Turkish towel - that can be so much more than a towel
WATEGOS luxury hand-loomed scarf towel and more - Mint and delicate beautiful shade in so many occasions
The detail and intricacy is apparent in every hand-loomed Turkish peshtemal
Because of our Turkish towels amazing absorbency they make fabulous hair wraps and they dry in a snap, ready for the next opportunity to dry you down
WATEGOS Grape (Purple) Turkish towel peshtemal - if you could feel the softness you would want to wrap it about you immediately
WATEGOS Aqua (Blue) looks fresh and at home on the beach, by the pool, in the bathroom or wrapped around yourself - it's more than a (Turkish) towel

WATEGOS Turkish towel

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Take the WATEGOS anywhere and everywhere!  It is soft and silky, you'll want to drape it around you.  Designed not just to dry you down, but to keep you warm too.  It's a towel, but also a gorgeous blanket or scarf.  An all seasons peshtemal.

Work it as a towel, scarf, blanket (baby blanket too) and there's a colour to suit everyone!  with 8 gorgeous shades to choose from, everyone;s covered.

  • 60% bamboo / 40% Turkish cotton
  • Hand-loomed in Turkey - super soft and silky finish
  • 95 x 180 cm extra large, but still compact

PATTERN - the dominant colour cross woven upon white yarn creates a subtle weave pattern throughout. "Zoom in" on the pictures to really see the pattern profile.

COLOUR options - Shell Pink, Navy, Aqua, Mint, Licorice (Grey/Black), Grape, Mango, Mellow Yellow

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