Ideas to use your Turkish towel

Ideas to use your Turkish towel

Yep, the September holidays are here (in QLD & VIC) and just about to start everywhere else!  Yeah (say some) and Argh (say others)...  on the bright side, the sun is shining and September is the perfect month to start exploring...  be it home or away.

Don't forget to pack your Turkish towel for all the adventures you may have.  They are so versatile (and practical) and can be used for so many just in case scenarios when you're on the go, plus our flat woven styles are super compact - so it's a no-brainer!  

Here's some idea's for using your super towel;

1.  Picnic rug (our standard sizes are massive, but grab an oversized style and it's roomy enough for 4 people, at least)

2.  Scarf - if you're lucky enough to be hitting the snow, then our flat woven Turkish towels make stunning scarves (for even the most fashion savvys) 

3.  Head wrap / scarf

4.  Sarong dress, skirt or even a draped top - all with a simple knot - perfect cover-up on the beach and good enough for beyond

Turkish towel as a dress beach cover up - versatile beach style   Casual top for on the beach or on the street

5.  Blanket - if you're having so much fun, you want to stay the night - BTW, makes an excellent blanket for baby or pram blanket (not to mentioned lightweight cover whilst nursing bub!  My little ones' used to get so distracted, I found that covering them from everything helped...  a little

6.  Table cloth or runner - to give a little something to that outdoor picnic table that you're not quite sure about

7.  An extra bag, just knot up the sides and you've got a boho style bag

8.  A pillow - just roll it up for a small yet, comfortable pillow on the plane or in the car or, use it as lumbar support whilst seated :) those long road-trips can sometimes make the lower back a little sore!

AND... of course a towel for the beach or bath

So that's a wrap for how to use your Turkish towels the go... let me know if I've left anything out and share through an email to or upload your pic on our instagram page pippahbeachstyle 

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