Carefully curated beach style for more than just the beach March 06 2017

Right...  This blog space is now going to be updated regularly!   So, I'm going to start fresh - today this post is about why I started this adventure?  Simply because I wished to showcase products that have made there way into our lives, and have made our day to day life easier.  In short, all the items that we have here we love, we use and therefore, we feel proud of!

Yes, a simple towel has made our life easier.  Why, we're a beach and outdoor family - we really go to the beach and/or spend time out of doors a LOT?  And, the towels we have here are hand-loomed, flat woven styles, authentically Turkish (made using Turkish cotton)  - and, when you've got to take 5 towels to the beach plus an array of other beach paraphernalia; surfboards, sand toys, magazine (for sanity), food, water - it's best that you don't also have to take 3 bags to carry them in..  so, the flat woven Turkish towel is the bees knees!  And, this is why they are so great - they are large yet compact, super absorbent and dry in a snap! And, they serve more than just the purpose of being a towel - they can perform many duties .  We've also designed our Turkish poncho's too - so your little ones can wear them on the way home - and they dry in a flash so keep them out of the sun and comfortable.


Which then brings me to our awesome newly arrived (but totally old-school design) the, SUNNY cotton net string bag - these little babies are small, but hold so much - to give you an idea; 5 of our flat woven Turkish towels or poncho's can fit, plus a bottle of water and some goggles and ... you get the idea.   Also, when your beach visit is over, you can shake off the sand as you're walking back!  How fantastic is that!

Oh...  and they are not just for the beach, pop them in your bag (as they roll into nothing) as an extra bag for shopping, camping, travel - making them an eco-friendly choice!  Win, win... win!


And, we've got some more practical (stylish) items on the site and just about to hit the e-store soon...  So, keep your eye's peeled.

In short, Pippah began to bring together items that are always there in the background, not really thought about but, make a great big difference in the ease and convenience of beach (or everyday) life.  They are practical luxuries that can make the everyday experiences just a little bit easier (and therefore, more enjoyable)!

Just one more thing - they are timeless, stylish, versatile and ethically crafted.

Using your Turkish towel on the go? September 20 2016

Yep, the September holidays are here (in QLD & VIC) and just about to start everywhere else!  Yeah (say some) and Argh (say others)...  on the bright side, the sun is shining and September is the perfect month to start exploring...  be it home or away.

Don't forget to pack your Turkish towel for all the adventures you may have.  They are so versatile (and practical) and can be used for so many just in case scenarios when you're on the go, plus our flat woven styles are super compact - so it's a no-brainer!  

Here's some idea's for using your super towel;

1.  Picnic rug (our standard sizes are massive, but grab an oversized style and it's roomy enough for 4 people, at least)

2.  Scarf - if you're lucky enough to be hitting the snow, then our flat woven Turkish towels make stunning scarves (for even the most fashion savvys) 

3.  Head wrap / scarf

4.  Sarong dress, skirt or even a draped top - all with a simple knot - perfect cover-up on the beach and good enough for beyond

Turkish towel as a dress beach cover up - versatile beach style   Casual top for on the beach or on the street

5.  Blanket - if you're having so much fun, you want to stay the night - BTW, makes an excellent blanket for baby or pram blanket (not to mentioned lightweight cover whilst nursing bub!  My little ones' used to get so distracted, I found that covering them from everything helped...  a little

6.  Table cloth or runner - to give a little something to that outdoor picnic table that you're not quite sure about

7.  An extra bag, just knot up the sides and you've got a boho style bag

8.  A pillow - just roll it up for a small yet, comfortable pillow on the plane or in the car or, use it as lumbar support whilst seated :) those long road-trips can sometimes make the lower back a little sore!

AND... of course a towel for the beach or bath

So that's a wrap for how to use your Turkish towels the go... let me know if I've left anything out.

Next Blog I'll share uses for your gorgeous hand-loomed Turkish towel around the home.


Spring - pops of colour (it's really your choice)! September 01 2016

Anyone else hit this Spring and just get an urge to 'cleanse,' refresh and reinvigorate - I don't mean throw out everything...  but, evaluate and and make sure it has a purpose.  I mean this from every level.

Well...  I do.  It's Spring Frenzy and there's a weight lifted and a lightness that felt and it feels great.  So, I'm in this mode at present and everything is being looked at with discerning eye's to see if it has the right to stay (if not, then as they say one mans trash is another's treasure - so, out it goes).

The one thing I can count on, and it's a complete personal preference, but Navy, White, Black and Beige (with a new "splash" of a tropical colour) - this is a constant.  This Spring, my splash colour is AQUA... and maybe MANGO too)!

So, I'm loving my WATEGOS hand-loomed Turkish throw/towel, and I know these will take me through each of the Seasons...  All natural, crafted by true artisan's in Turkey using traditional shuttle looms - these are Turkish towels created like they've been created since the Turkish created towels!  and, I don't just use on the beach (these are perfect for the bathroom too - they dry fast, so no stinky towels in my bathroom)!

WATEGOS handloomed luxury Turkish towel - throw - scarf - complete versatility (Gold Coast)             WATEGOS Mango hand-loomed luxury Turkish towel - throw - scarf - travel companion (Gold Coast)

What are your "constant colours?"  and do you have your splash colours every year too??

Quick Picks for Fathers Day August 25 2016

Ok, so you're super busy and you need some inspiration on what to get Dad for Fathers Day 2016.  Below are all the perfect Dad style luxury Turkish towels:

1.  AHOY THERE - Navy Navy

2.  FUSION - Classic Navy OR, the Nautical (Red, White and Navy), Skies is also fab (and you can borrow too).  Oh yes, here you can get a "mini-me" matching KIDS CLUB Poncho in the Navy!  So, your little Dude and big Guy are both matching!

3.  WATEGOS - Navy or Black

4.  SUMMER - Shadow Black, Grey and White Stripe)

5.  NEW CABANA - Pirate Black stripes OR, Navy Stripes

6.  NAVY NOIR - Navy and Black stripe

7.  KILIM - Any colour here

8.  BEACH CLUB - Cobalt Blue 

These are all completely great choices for Dad and we can gift wrap too.

Also, some other fantastic Fathers Day ideas, of course a hand-made card!  A morning kiss and sleep in (ok, well that may be pushing it, but...  it'd be greatly appreciated) and here's a few more below:

9.  Picnic surprise

10.  Beard trimmer - yep, we know that there's still alot of those hipster dad's floating about

11.  Adventure day - let him have a few hours off to surf, sail, kick the footy, laze about and chill

12.  Magazine subscription (Gourmet Traveller is a goodie and everyone benefits here)!

13.  Home cooked dinner (including the full clean up after ward)

14.  Massage - yes, those little hands are great at giving a massage!

15.  Think that will be it, for now - but, seriously...

A luxury, handloomed Turkish towel from our collection is perfect for Dad.  It's great for surfer Dad's. skier Dads, boaty Dads, footy Dads, fun Dads, relaxed Dads, adventure Dads - any Dad would love one (and the best bit - you can borrow it too)!

Spring out... Summers here, pretty much anyway! November 22 2015

Far out, the weather has been amazing...   Really it makes it very very difficult to do much work!   

With the year is coming to an end, and Christmas under 6 weeks away - crazy.  I've still got 3 little boys total Christmas shopping to commence. Actually, we've decided to cull this back a lot this year - we have too much stuff...  so, after many weekends of de-cluttering, we are going to really work on doing the single present this year!  Lets see if we can pull this off.  It really is hard going downsizing the wardrobe...  I did a major one years ago when we moved back to Australia from the UK (we spent 5 years there) and there are so many things I gave away and I think back on - like that cute little Kate Spade red spotted hand-bag (but, I've survived without it and the other hundreds of things we got rid of)!  Oh first world problems...  too much stuff, ridiculous.

On another note, we've been super busy with 2 more drops of gorgeous, hand-loomed Turkish towels and blankets.  Plus, we're now stocking ethically created hand-crafted Mandala Roundies from India! Stunning...  and have some gorgeous new stockists in the mix plus, we've got an International stockist is Hawaii - beautiful Interior Design House with multiple shops throughout Hawaii call Pacific Homes - so if you're in the land of the Big Wave, you must drop in and look at the gorgeous items in-store!

I'm unpacking a new shipment of our Turkish towels tomorrow...  And, am soooo excited as we've got Turkish Round towels in our collection now.  They are absolutely stunning.

Been nipping to Byron a bit and soaking up the magic of the North Coast...  love it there - but, also love it here on the Gold Coast too...  We sure do live in an incredible country, very very lucky peeps!

So here's a few shots of what's been happening over the last couple of months!

A bit of a BLUE theme going on at the mo...

Atlantis Turkish towel sitting casually in a perfectly suitable environment - on a boat!          Biarritz Beach Blanket is our party sized towel - makes an amazing bed throw too - and looks awesome in this stunning pool pod at the Hilton Surfers Paradise!

Ahoy There Turkish Towel in Navy Navy - we love ours in the Bathroom - gives a real Nautical vibe!             FUSION Nautilus - Red White and Navy a classic that is a great introduction to the Turkish towel phenomena!  -

School holidays kick off in less than a month....  So, we'll be doing alot more afternoon beach swims, so be prepared to see lots of twilight swim and surf sessions shared!  

Have a great day and / or night ~ sweet daydreams or dreams ~ Xx


Spring'in September 11 2015

Spring'in into Spring ~ Summer style ... and holiday dreaming...

We've got our gear ready and we're ready to roll... already enjoying lots of beach days, family times and fun stuff and continuing to test out all our luxury beach gear....  It's delivering so far!

WHAM - Winter is here! August 09 2015

WOW, here on the GC, we've had day after day of amazingness ~ swimming in the Ocean weather and then WHAM... Winter arrived ...  Boots, jackets and wraps have now been donned....  Snuggling under blankets of a morning!  But, on those deliciously crispy, sunny days hitting the water....

You know what, Winter's awesome, the novelty of the chill is fabulous (and you get to pop on your fave boots that are oh so comfy - and not worry about whether your toe nails are painted and your legs hair-free)!  And, there's that crystal clear water - and crisp days.  The cold's not stopped the surfing, SUP'ing and lots of beach tripping!  


AND, at the end of some days it means... delicious slow cooked dinners (on weekends anyway) - lamb shanks, roast pork with the never enough crackle, beef bourguignon...  a great red wine!  


Later on, And keeping warm, snuggling in and enjoying the chill (as really, it's not hanging around for long)....  Night, night           Xx



I love holidays April 15 2015

Just back from an awesome family holiday!  

Our Turkish towels, poncho's came into there own!  Super travellers, so lightweight, fast-drying and versatile.

Our trip South... was a lot colder there than up here on the Gold Coast!  So, by day the towel was a perfect towel or ground blanket....  By evening, when it was chilling down, a stunning wrap and then extra blanket on the lounge.



Holidays are just awesome!  Now we need to plan for the next one!

Hope you all enjoyed Easter and are sorted for the cooler months...  Remember a Turkish towel/throw is not just a Summer thing...  it's the perfect all-rounder, especially our awesome oversized Biarritz range, at 150 x 200cms these are Queen sized so can be used as a gorgeous extra blanket, a scarf (they are unbelievably soft and snuggly) all then when it starts heating up again, they can be used as as supersized towel (yet still incredibly compact).

Thanks for reading, and looking.


It's here! March 27 2015

Yeeeaaahhhh!  Another drop has arrived which means some more awesome styles geared for our Australian Autumn and Winter....  that'll work just as seamlessly in the warmer months too.

Little hic-ups on route....  Customs hold-up...  but, hey-ho...  lets go now!  It's here and we're rolling it out.  

Been hitting the shops that distribute our towels and throws  (thank-you)!  to re-stock and also madly taking new pictures for our site and all the social spaces....    We want our website to be easy to navigate, interesting and have images that you just 'get.' So, please if you ever feel like sharing any feedback, we love to hear your thoughts, we just want the space to be a good spot to visit (if if you don't end up buying)...  Who doesn't love screen shopping (does this term exist??  Like window shopping but on-line???  I'll investigate and update)!

Anyways, here's a couple of shots of the crazy week that was ...


A bunch of XXL Blankets heading up to the Far North of QLD to a brand new hotel opening its doors... imminently ~ The New Rambutan in Townsville.  It's a new concept up-market Backpackers!  If you stay there, you'll be lucky enough to be using some handwoven Lightweight Blankets in our St Tropez style!

And...  the rest...

The quirk of a pineapple prop?  

Road tripping around some pretty beautiful places (and sneaking in some deliciously refreshing swims in these beautiful spots)!

Totally loving the products, I'm really excited to be bringing out another gorgeous range!

Till next update, goodnight ~ sleep tight X


Another fabulous season... some more fabulous styles March 03 2015

Autumn, already...  can you believe it and are waiting with baited breath for our new Autumn/Winter range.  The gorgeous selection of Turkish towels, beautiful blankets and/or oversized towels, scarves are being finished off in the looms in Turkey and just about to be boxed up and sent our way...

Not biased or anything, but the range is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  But, we love hearing feedback, so please feel free to send an email to us at [email protected] with anything you think might be relevant to make sure all our products and our site is hitting the mark with you guys!  Truly we'd love to hear from you.

Take a peek at the process involved in bringing these masterpieces to you! As that is what they are, masterpieces, each one is unique.

This image is of our new Horizon Turkish towel in a lovely shade of blue ~ we think this will be perfect as a scarf or lounge throw through the cooler Seasons and a striking towel in the warmer Seasons.

Made with Love, to be Loved

I hope that you enjoy your Turkish towel or Turkish towel diffusion product as much as we are enjoying ours.  The wonderfulness of a Turkish towel and particularly the selection we bring you, is that they really are versatile...  They respond so beautifully by being used and loved...  getting softer and more comfortable the more they are used and loved.  

Remember, we'd love to hear any feedback, thoughts that you may have that will make our creations more relevant to you.  Or even any interesting ways you use your Turkish towel.

Thanks for reading. X Pippah x

First Sale Kicks off February 22 2015

This gives everyone an opportunity to purchase an exquisite Turkish towel for a great price and maybe even get one for their friends too!
The Poseidon (in red above) makes an amazingly cosy scarf for the cooler months and will be ready and rearing to go for the next Summer.  These little babies have been hand-made with love - to be loved!
It's been a busy month, back in school and lots of activities going on...  Every day just seems to fly on by, I can't believe that we're already almost in March, far out.
Although it's been dull and rainy for the last few days...  We had seen lots of sunshine before...  Which meant that we've been enjoying the outdoors (much easier and funner to be outside enjoying life with 3 little guys and 1 big guy).
Most weekends see us swimming in the Ocean till the suns setting ~ I hope that my kids have memories of these amazing times...  
Evening picnics - yep, although I'm in a family of boys, I got an injection of PINK into our little gourmet adventures - the St Tropez XXL throw looks awesome on some green grass and just as stunning on the sand ~ I'm pleased that I went with this massive loud colour choice!  AND, the great thing is it's sand (and bark) resistant, just shake off those irritating bits and bobs and ta-dah!  Plus, just whack it is the wash if there's any spills and just like it's towel cousin it dries super quick...  Not sure my husband would appreciate it at the end of the bed through Winter though (I'll let you know)!
St Tropez XXL Throw Blanket in Marshmallow
Now the rest of my Sunday afternoon will be filled with a Kids movie at our make-shift cinema... Ciao! X

Australia Day - Life's great! January 22 2015

We're getting in early and preparing for Australia Day celebrations (well not really, just doing a bit more of what we mostly do - being Australian and all)!

Hanging with family, swimming, eating....

Life's good, isn't it!

Also been adding some km's to the car, visiting our beautiful Turkish towels at all the stylish shops they are stocked in :


           Pompidou - Byron Bay               'de Lanty - Mermaid Beach    OneHundredWords - Burleigh

                                                                                & Noosa

Plus, Mimi&Flo in Bruswick Heads, Treasured Interiors in both Kirra and Currumbin Beach

It's been a busy, busy 2015 so far...  Expect to see Pippah Turkish towels in a lot more of your favourite boutiques or, if you can't get to those order online....   you'll get it super quick.

Have an excellent long weekend, hope you've got some celebrating planned, in true Australian style! 


Hot... hot.... HOT January 18 2015

Stating the obvious but it sure has been hot!  I feel like most days unless I'm submerged in some kind of water I'm about to melt.  Thank goodness for air conditioning and...

We've just started to get right into paddle boarding and as a family, completely loving it.  Everyone (even the baby) can get involved...  It's excellent fun and apparently it's meant to be good for the core muscles (not seeing dramatic results in this space just yet) ;) But, I live in hope....

Of course it's made even better by doing it with some great friends...  all with little peeps of their own ~ so our paddle boarding experiences are like one mini daytime party...  Happy memories are being made.  


 The Kids Club poncho's are great too, the kids just pop them on when they want to have a bit of down time and have a rest on the XXL Beach blanket (we use the St Tropez in Ink) and its pure bliss.  Nothing beats happy, healthy kids!  And, knowing that you too will get some peace after all the sun, sweat and water activities ~ happy days....




Hello 2015 January 05 2015

HELLO 2015! So far we've had lots of beach going...  lots and lots!  Thank goodness for the Turkish towel!  It's been a :

  • Space saver - 5 of them fit comfortably in a beach bag, with swimmers, snacks, nappies, wipes etc...
  • Time-saver - drying super quick means you don't have to wait about OR, wash them all the time as they don't get the mildewy smell of a lot of the heavier towels in this humid weather
  • Modesty saver - I won't elaborate!  
Really, being a young, active, beach going, outdoorsy family, the Turkish towel is here to stay in our house!  As you would expect :)  It's brightened up our space and I'm so pleased to be able to provide access to what are one of the best quality versions I've seen, touched or used here in Australia.
On another note, my best friend from my London days is visiting Australia.  She's Turkish and the person whom first introduced me to the Turkish towel over 10 years ago, whilst sailing in Bordrum, Southern Turkey.  I popped to Sydney (which is where she's staying) and it was fantastic to catch up... Lots of reminiscing and the making of fun new memories.  She has been a massive help, knowing that she is based in Istanbul, not too far away from Denizil (where the Pippah towels are created) and has been a great friend... Xx THANK-YOU ELIF, xX  
Time to sign off this post, Night, X

The Kids Beach Club Towel Hooded Poncho is here December 29 2014

We've taken the Beach Club Poncho towel out for a spin and we can say that they're a hit...  We think they look absolutely gorgeous as well as drying down your fav little one, they keep them out of the harsh Australian sun, away from prying eyes, they're lightweight, fast drying, anti-bacterial and super comfortable.

A true practical luxury.  

Six colours to choose from each with a grey panel at bottom

Here's the Beach Club Poncho in Navy and Aqua in action! They are being worn by an almost 2 year old, and almost 4 year old and a just 7 year old:


These are an addition to your kids wardrobe that can be used for more than just the beach occasion.  They're perfect for the pool, after bath and to be honest, once they've got them on... they are so comfortable that your little person just won't want to take it off!


10 more days till Christmas December 15 2014

The week that was...  We're super excited as we've got a few fabulously great boutiques stocking a range of our gorgeous Pippah Turkish towels / throws...

One Hundred Words in Burleigh Heads, QLD has our towels/throws and XXL Summer Throws already in store and another couple of Boutiques will be getting their load by the end of the week...  I'll keep you posted, as to the other shops and where you can find them as they get their product....

Also, our stunningly gorgeous newly designed Kids Turkish Poncho towels are almost here....   You can pre-order and they will be sent the day that they arrive, expected next Wednesday, 24th December....  So if you place a pre-order yo'll have them before the New Year!

On another note, I am really hoping that the wind starts to drop, it's actually been a little chilly through the days on the Gold Coast, and no....  I am not joking, I actually needed to use one of our Turkish towels / throws (the Bohemia) as a scarf yesterday... to keep warm!  In the middle of December....  Unbelievable :)

School has now finished up for the Year, so we are in 'entertainment mode...'  Lots of swimming and running on the dunes at the beach...  this afternoon it was chaotic...  but, certainly worth it, knowing that the 3 of them were completely exhausted and ready for bed after a quick bath!  Nothing beats good, healthy outdoor fun!

Hope you are enjoying the End of Year Festivities and have been surrounded by those you love or, at least know that one day soon you'll be with those you love.

Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and fabulous 2015!


The year has flown December 07 2014

My goodness, this year has screamed past.  I can't believe that only a couple of weeks left of school (for my eldest) and then the Christmas holidays kick off and then just around the corner, Christmas - 4 weeks away, OM!  Still everything to organise...  Best start to kick it up a gear.

So, the website officially launched a couple of weeks ago, and it has been a whirlwind, a very exciting!  

This week we had our exclusive Junior Poncho's begin to arrive...  and we're going through some 'behind the scene's' durability testing, because we want to ensure that all of or products are of the best quality and we know how reckless and adventurous kids can be, so the Poncho needs to stand up to all sorts of wear and tear!  

Our first on-the-ground event was held, with a stall at our local school fete at Broadbeach, it was a great day! Followed by the School Christmas Carols (a long day)...  Our 7 year old was a very proud Rudolph, so there was no pulling out of the Carols ~ plus it was super cute to see him racing across the stage with his flashing nose.

Last but certainly not least!  We now have our gorgeous Turkish towels, XXL Beach Throws being stocked at the very groovy, One Hundred Worlds Boutique in Burleigh Heads (Big B Arcarde, James Street).  If you're a GC local, drop on in...  definitely some fabulous things to tempt, including our super versatile Pippah Turkish towels ... 


Take care and get shopping!  Christmas is literally just around the corner!  Yeah...  who doesn't love the Festive Season?