Introductions ...

Pippah is an Australian business sourcing hand-crafted artisan pieces created using only natural fibres from around the globe.

We have carefully researched each and every piece in our collection. Every single item has been chosen with the end goal of adding a little luxury into your everyday, often overlooked rituals.

We are located on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and have a quintessential Australian beach going, outdoor relaxed lifestyle. We started the journey with a line of beautiful, handl-oomed Turkish towels which we had loved using for years. Our love for these versatile beauties started over a decade ago when we went sailing in Bodrum, Turkey.  Fast forward 7 years and now with 3 active water loving kids the benefits were highlighted again.

Why we love Turkish towels and you will too is that they are:  

  • Super absorbent, the moisture wicking powers are phenomenal
  • Extra large in size
  • Compact and lightweight (roll them to 25% of a normal terry towel)
  • Fast drying
  • Breathable
  • All natural fibres - none of the fake plastic stuff in these babies!
  • Flat-woven (which leads to all of the above and makes them resistant to sand too)
  • Hyper-allergenic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Versatile - they are like your super towel - use them as a towel (if you want), but, they also make stunning throws, blankets, tablecloths, sarongs, cover-ups and because they are created with natural fibres (and are oh so soft and breathable) they make the best blanket for babies.

Oh yes, they both look and feel beautiful and age beautifully too! They are hand-crafted to last!

We are now adding more lines and styles to our space, that are still anchored in our origins - they are all hand-crafted, created using natural fibres and practical in use.

    Each of our creations are made with love, to be loved.


    Our family is Mum and Wife (me), my Husband and three very active little guys; aged 10, 7 and the youngest and most demanding, 5.

    As we grow we aim to provide products that are grounded in the philosophy of, Practical Luxuries.  

    If you ever wish to contact us, please send through an email to - and we will get back to you within 48 hours. 

    Thanks for visiting, hope you come back again soon!