Introductions ...

Pippah is a family owned Australian business where we personally believe in, test and regularly use all of our Turkish towel products that are for sale.  All of our products are unique, high quality and unarguably totally luxurious and deluxe range of Turkish (peshtemal) towels or items that are inspired by Turkish towels.

We are based on the Gold Coast, Queensland and it was our Australian beach going, outdoor relaxed lifestyle that led us to source a range of luxurious, ethically produced Turkish towels / throws, poncho's and Mandala's. We'd been introduced to the world of Turkish towels, over a decade ago when we went sailing around Bodrum, Turkey.  Then fast forward 5 years after we had kids there benefits were highlighted again - Turkish towels and throws will change your life!

Turkish towels have so many benefits, here are just a few:  extra large in size, compact and lightweight (fold/roll to at least 25% of a normal terry towel), fast drying, breathable, all natural, flat-woven (sand resistant), hyper-allergenic, eco-friendly and one of there most incredible features, is their versatility.  Turkish towels are not just a towel, because of there incredible absorbency, they are perfect as a towel for the beach, pool or bath, but just as great to be used as a beach wrap/cover-up/ sarong or skirt, in the home as living room, lounge or bed throw, blanket, baby wrap, nursing cover, table cloth.... The list goes on.... Plus, they look fantastic and age beautifully, getting softer the more they are washed.  

Each of our creations are made with love, to be loved.

Our family is Mum and Wife (me), my Husband and three very active little guys; aged 7, 4 and the youngest and most demanding, 2.

As we grow we aim to provide products that are grounded in the philosophy of, Practical Luxuries.  

If you ever wish to contact us, please send through an email to - [email protected] and we will get back to you within 48 hours. 

Thanks for visiting, hope you come back again soon!