smiling lady on beach wearing a black hat and sunglasses

Practical and pretty luxuries

Let me start by introducing myself, I'm Linda and I recently purchased the Pippah business because it ticked a lot of boxes for me around products and the look and feel of the website. After teaching myself how everything works, updating the website and spending some time playing with advertising, I'm now ready to expand our offer.

Since forever, I have loved searching for gifts, something different or thoughtful or in some way representative of the someone special I have been shopping for. It may be something that we have talked about, be linked to a shared experience or just something hard to find that I think they will really love. Often they are practical. I am a practical person (my friends tell me this often!) so I love finding practical things that are pretty or luxurious. Practical luxuries or practical and pretty – take your pick!

One of my other great loves is the beach and being in the ocean - the big blue doctor - it fixes everything! So with the Pippah business already being inspired and intrinsically linked to the ocean, beach inspired gifts just go hand in hand. A perfect match ❤️

This is why I have extended the range and I hope you find something you love. I’ve done the leg work for you. And don’t worry, Turkish towels are here to stay, they are practical, pretty and luxurious! If there is something specific you are looking for and can’t find it here, send me an email, I may be able to point you in the right direction of finding it. Happy browsing…

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